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The Travel Writer's Cafe is such a supportive tribe of writing professionals. For me, it's a lifeline. In the Cafe, you can ask questions, read others' published work, and study the "roadmaps" to learn how to create the best possible articles. At this stage in my career, I really appreciate the Freelancer Pitch Emails. The Friday Freelance Posts have been immensely helpful in helping to reach my goal to gain access to new publications. Attending a retreat is also a wonderful step and it's the best investment I've made in my career. Retreats are a hybrid of Press Trip and classroom that helped me "up" my writing game. Kristi and Noreen want us to succeed and with the Cafe's support, you will level up in no time.
Jeanine Consoli
Jeanine Consoli
I love being a part of the community where I can learn from the best what I need to succeed as a travel writer. The monthly roadmaps and bonus articles include actionable information that has upped my writer's game. Opening the Travel Write's Cafe Facebook group is the first thing I do each morning. The support and encouragement from fellow tribe members helps me to stay motivated. Kristi and Noreen have given me the tools and confidence I need to continue to reach for higher goals. In the past year, I have landed press trips I never dreamed would happen.
Sharon Kurtz
Sharon Kurtz
I’ve been a Travel Writers Cafe member from the beginning, and the experience has been nothing but positive. It has been exciting watching the Cafe grow and expand in terms of the resources such as weekly leads on publications to pitch, webinars on important aspects of travel writing, and more. Also, the quality of original features such as the monthly roadmaps have risen to a new level of relevance. Equally important are the leadership, professionalism, and commitment demonstrated by Noreen and Kristy, not to mention the kindness and generosity of my fellow members. The support and encouragement I’ve received over the years, along with the practical aspects of the Cafe, are what keep me coming back. I consider the membership fee money well spent. The return both financially, professionally, and personally far exceed the expenditure.
Penny Zibula

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We can’t wait to get to know you, trade tips and tricks and celebrate your wins!




No, our resources can help you land your first byline! You can even ask the group for advice on your story idea or which publications you should pitch. In our archive, you’ll find dozens of features and lists on publications looking for writers!

Ever heard the saying about how you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink? We think you’ll get as much out of the Cafe as you put into it! The resources and connections you need to succeed are here…you just have to put in the work to make it happen! We’ll be here to help pick you up when you fall and cheer you on when you succeed!

Our Café members write for dozens of publications every month! Some of the publications have included: Travelocity, Orbitz, Sierra Magazine, GoNOMAD,, Culture Trip, Travel Awaits, DeSoto Magazine, Matador Network, Edible San Diego, Forbes, POPSUGAR, AARP and more!

Yes! In addition to having lots of trainings and resources on landing press trips, Café members are the first to find out about our upcoming retreats, which are part press trip and part workshop!

Your membership is month-to-month unless you purchased an annual membership. When you cancel (not that we think you’ll want to!), you’ll retain access to the Café and its resources until the end of the period covered by your last payment.

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