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5 Top Reasons to Break into Travel Writing – NOW!

On a recent ocean cruise, I sat next to two ladies at dinner who were very curious about my travel writing career. The friends had recently retired, loved travel, and were intrigued when I mentioned that I was actually on the cruise with a publication assignment.

Of course, the question came up as to how I broke into the world of travel writing and I told the story of how I’d transitioned from full-time nursing to full-time travel journalist.

One of them commented, “but I thought you had to have a journalism degree to write for a magazine,” which then allowed me to explain some of the myths associated with freelance travel writing.

In addition, I shared the reasons that this is such an ideal time to break into travel writing!

The World of Travel Has Reached New Heights

Travel writers having fun on a press trip in Flagstaff, AZ.
Travel writers having fun on a press trip in Flagstaff, AZ. Photo by Noreen Kompanik.

People are traveling, and in a big way!

There’s a huge pent-up demand for travel after the pandemic lockdown. Travelers are no longer putting off their vacations to destinations that have long been wishes on their bucket list.

What does this mean for a travel writer?

Travelers are hungry for news and stories about their dream destinations and travel writers are the ones who have the best pulse on the travel world. We’re boots on the ground, so the travel stories, tips and advice we have to give comes from a personal and true-blue perspective. And travelers know it.

Publications are Clamoring for Articles

I’ve been a travel writer now for nine years and during all this time, I’ve never seen so many calls for article submissions from editors.

They’re reaching out with story requests covering a wide range of destinations and topics. They know the hot regions and topics and that their readers are desperate for information about what’s happening in the travel world and looking for the inside scoop from writers who’ve been there. As a result, there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for stories.

Many Publications Cut Staff During the Pandemic

I know several staff writers who unfortunately lost their jobs due to editorial team cuts during the pandemic. Many had hoped to be hired back, but publications began to rely more on freelancers for their content.

That’s great news for the freelance writer!

New and Fascinating Story Twists

The pandemic created a great awakening and an urgency to embrace travel with deeper meaning. Vacation expectations as a result are higher and travelers want to immerse themselves in culture, history, art, nature, indigenous regions, wellness and eco-options.

River cruising is on the rise, as are immersive experiences.

This opens a new realm for travel writers to explore. Often, these are the story angles publications are hankering for. And if any of these travel trends are your niche, you’ll find yourself in demand.

Tourism Boards are Looking to Host Writers

Travel writers in Flagstaff, AZ
Travel writers in Flagstaff, AZ. Photo by Noreen Kompanik.

The red carpet is being laid out for freelance writers by tourism boards and destination management organizations.

Their number one responsibility is to promote and market their destination. It’s their job to spearhead tourism to their locale. They know that travel writers can help lead the charge.

In exchange for published articles, these tourism boards and PR reps are once again reaching out to writers. These invitations to visit are covering most or all travel costs (including airfare).

Imagine a weekend in Sonoma Wine Country, staying in a luxury beachfront rental, deep diving into the history of St. Augustine, exploring the cenotes of Riviera Maya, Mexico or river cruising past the magnificent historic castles of the Rhine.

Do writers really get trips like this?

They do, and these are just some of the possibilities when you make the decision to break into the world of travel writing.

Join our Travel Writer’s Café today and let us help you get started!

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