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Erin Jones

"I’m so ready to see where the travel writers life takes me, and I couldn’t do it without the guidance from Noreen and Kristi."

Erin Jones

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We help you take your travel writing to the next level.

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We’ve got something for everyone.

Join our online community for weekly trainings and activities that improve your writing and social media efforts.

We host 4-5 retreats a year that are part FAM trip and part workshop to up your game while exploring exciting desitnations.

About us

We met when we were on our very first press trip

After meeting as newbie travel writers, we discovered the more information and contacts we shared, the more we both succeeded!

We’ve continued that spirit of giving as we’ve grown our circle to include an entire community of travel writers.

Whether you join the Travel Writer’s Cafe or come on one of our retreats (or both!), you’ll find sharing and collaborating are at the core of everything we put together.


May, 2023

Paso Robles Retreat


Sept., 2023

Breckenridge Retreat


Oct., 2023

Temecula Retreat

More upcoming retreats

We’re constantly adding new destinations and dates!

Happy writers

As a burgeoning travel writer, I found the Travel Writers University retreat both inspiring and informative. It can be a lonely road to work as a freelance travel writer. This retreat provided me with a renewed enthusiasm for travel writing. Both Noreen and Kristi provided a wealth of information. Their support and encouragement are truly amazing. During this retreat not only did I learn a ton, but I made connections for a lifetime. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Breckenridge and would definitely recommend one of their retreats to anyone. I look forward to attending another one myself!

Kat Anderson

Noreen and Kristi developed a program designed to build confidence. The retreat content was practical and can be readily used to improve our pitches. The venue was beyond breathtaking, and I developed relationships that will last.  I highly recommend participating and I would happily do it again!

Julie Suman
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